Community Tourism Zimbabwe

Community tourism is constantly becoming more and more popular as people start realizing that it is the best way to get to learn more about a certain community, culture and in general a completely different life style. It is said that community-based tourism may have the potential to revive the tourism itself in some countries and Zimbabwe is one of them.

Zimbabwe has been experiencing a downwards trend in the number of visitors that were interested in what its fauna, landscape and culture had to offer ever since the beginning of the 2000s. It seems however that community tourism may be the answer to improving the ranking of Zimbabwe when it comes to increasing the number of individuals who are interested in experiencing a Zimbabwean holiday. Nevertheless, one must consider the economic impact that this alternative may have on the economic development of the country. For many popular touristic destinations all around the world, tourism is a great resource of income and why couldn’t this be the case of Zimbabwe? For several years now, a great deal of rural communities have been benefiting from projects that increased the standards of living for communities in this country by providing individuals with employment and a better infrastructure. These community-based tourism projects are already bringing up to 15 million American dollars to the Zimbabwean economy and many agree that there is potential for more. There are several projects still going on regarding the expansion of the community-based tourism in this country which proves to have a positive impact on the local economy.

Most of these projects support the products that may be offered by the communities and which are a way to bring in tourists. They are based on the wilderness experience and specialist activities including but not limited to fishing and bird watching. Another part of the project involves promoting basic overnight accommodation which provides tourists with a unique experience and the community with a source of income.

Quirimbas National Park Mozambique

Maputo Mozambique is the name of a community-based project that is supported by the WWF in Mozambique and which is located in the Quirimbas National Park. The project is judged as being a success given that within six months since the project was firstly implemented the income from small-scale tourism in the area increased significantly and helped improving and developing the community and its life standards. At the same time, the project promotes sustainable tourism which is aimed at maintaining the environment in its natural form. Through this project, tourism became the main generator for income in the community simply because there is so much potential in this sector. The project is efficient from many points of view as it helps generating income in the area (an estimated of $860 while the minimum monthly salary in the area was $64.50), it provides tourists with unique experiences and it is completely eco friendly.