Guide to Visiting Rwanda for a Gorilla Safari

Why gorilla safari in Rwanda?
Partaking a gorilla safari in Rwanda is one the most adventurous activity you will ever do on the African continent as a whole. A part from Rwanda, you will also undertake this activity in Uganda, in the National Parks of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla National park. The other country you can do this activity from is the Democratic republic of Congo. This activity in Rwanda is done in the Virunga Mountains and this borders the three gorilla habitat countries.

What to Expect the day you trek gorillas in Rwanda
Carry your gorilla permit with you as you leave your hotel that morning for a gorilla trek and make sure you have packed all the necessary gears like gloves, trekking boots, long sleeved wear, rain jackets, snacks and packed lunch, walking stick (very necessary), among others, this is what you should expect the day of your gorilla trekking excursion in the Rwanda.
Carry your passport with you as you head to the park headquarters for an early morning pre-tracking briefing by park officials. Your gorilla permits will be crosschecked with your passports to verify that you are the right owner of the permit. At this moment, you are expected to be ready with your packed lunch since no one is certain about the time you will take to see these gorillas.

How many gorilla families are there in Rwanda?

Presently, there are 10 gorilla groups or families in the Republic of Rwanda in the Volcanoes National park for tracking and they have been trained to tolerate human present which makes organized gorilla trekking possible and to be very safe. Since it is easy to get, you will have an amazing experience of looking at the male gorilla called the silver back in Volcanoes national park. The silver back leads the gorilla family and usually, the entire experience is simply a magical and definitely an adventure that you can never forget when you visit the republic of Rwanda in the Volcanoes National park.

How do you plan the Rwanda Gorilla Tour?

For you to efficiently plan this gorilla tour or safari there are a few things you need to consider when you are planning. Basically, you need to look at the season and time, obtaining the gorilla permits and basically, you have to be physically fit to partake this activity. For the season, Rwanda gorilla tours can be done all year round though during the Months of April- May is the rainy season and this means that the ground is constantly wet and it is rainy. Take note that during this months, it quite challenging to hike through the forest in the rainy season so you need to be very careful.

The best time for gorilla tracking in Rwanda.

Many tourists however have considered June-September to February as the best time to track these gorillas. Though the rain in these parts of Rwanda can fall at any time of the year, these particular period are drier than the rest of the year. Obtaining a gorilla permit in the Republic of Rwanda, 80 gorilla permits are available per day therefore; the good thing is to purchase a permit for your preferred dates of gorilla trekking is when it is early enough to avoid inconveniences. The price of a gorilla permit costs US $ 750.

The level of fitness required for gorilla tracking.

You have to be physically fit though; you need not to be a sportsman to do this activity of gorilla tracking. What you are required of is to have a general level of fitness which will make you walk as you track the gorillas and in case you are not quite fit to walk much for a few walks, it would be good for you to prepare for this activity well in advance.

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