Planning a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the favorite destinations for gorilla trekking in Africa. You might have dreamt about taking a gorilla safari in Rwanda. You are thinking about taking a hike within the rain forests of Rwanda to meet the endangered gorillas in the wild. Despite the fact that many travelers would like to take a safari, planning a gorilla trekking trip is not all that easy! There are some of the special things you must have before booking your trip to see the primates.

Gorilla Permits

It is impossible to trek without a gorilla permit. There are a few gorilla permits available everyday and they can be purchased at the park headquarters or at the Rwanda tourism board. Permits are issued on first come first served basis so it’s advised to pay in time at least 2-4 months prior to your tracking date. Without a gorilla permit you are not allowed to track gorillas in their natural habitat.Possession of a gorilla permit is a guarantee for tracking gorillas although it’s not a guarantee for seeing gorillas, however chances of seeing gorillas is about 95% since park rangers most of the time know where these species are. If you pay gorilla permits in time you get assured of a gorilla safari, your permits get released so easily, you reduce on the pressure of not finding permits and automatically you become one of the 8 members allowed to track gorillas in a group.In peak season some times gorilla permits get finished, so if you pay in time you avoid all the inconvenience that may affect your safari. And in order to confirm your safari a gorilla fee must be paid to your tour company whom you’ve chosen to work upon your safari. If also you plan to book for your self it is also advised to book in advance your gorilla permit at the park headquarters in Ruhengeri.

Cost of Gorilla Permits

Rwanda permits costs at a fee of 750 USD per person per tracking. Rwanda is one of the three countries where these species can be tracked safely and they are tracked in the most visited park volcanoes national park in the north western part of Rwanda in Ruhengeri Musanze district which is a drive of just about 2-3 hours on a clear weather condition.Gorillas have generated a lot of revenue to the Rwanda’s government. Many people leave their beautiful homes and offices to come and spend at least one or two days in wild with these giant apes, they really so fun and interesting to watch. 

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