Welcome to the African Conservation Fund, a non-profit organization aiming at promoting and awareness for science and conservation in East Africa. The mission of African Conservation Fund is to conserve wildlife and the natural environment through collaborative application of both scientific and indigenous knowledge, and by enhancing livelihoods and developing local institutions.

Protect Africa’s Nature Resources

The continent of Africa is a magical place, home to plants and animals that most of us have only read about in books and never seen. From lions to cheetahs to elephants, the wildlife here is beyond the imagination, yet without dedicated intervention it will all soon be gone. Due to the combined effects of pollution, tree logging, hunting and poaching, and agricultural and industrial development, the wildlife on this continent is dying and at an alarmingly fast rate. Over the past three generations the population of the African Elephant has decreased by more than 50%, the black Rhinoceros by more than 80%, and many other species have all but vanished.

Global Warming

Global warming, extinction of hundreds of animal species, deforestation and pollution…Whilst these are buzz words we have all heard a million times before, we have become somewhat immune to the warning signs and subsequent damage that we; as a result of our own ignorance; are inflicting on our planet.

Even though it is true that the above crisis needs to be handled on a global scale, the African Conservation Fund (ACF) has still committed itself to working round the clock to create awareness for the plight of wild animals in need of care, and educate the public; especially the youth; about the conservation of lesser known wild animal species in Southern Africa. By becoming a member of the African Conservation Fund, YOU are investing in the future health of our precious planet!

Conserve Africa Wildlife

The Value of wildlife

Wildlife-based eco-tourism brings in some $400 million as foreign exchange to Kenya – 30% of the country’s total. But these wild assets are threatened – from land subdivision, farming, and poaching. Despite these threats, the economic value of this “natural capital” has not been quantified clearly enough in areas where it can do the most good – in communities that are making decisions about land use. Our programs are aimed at improving local understanding of the value of wildlife – now, and for future generations.

What to Do

We need your help to ensure Africa’s natural resources remain healthy and free for tomorrow’s generations. Help us protect some of the largest remaining populations of iconic African species. Together we advocate for sustainable real, evidence based solutions that are based on the best available science.

Whether protecting existing iconic National Parks, game reserves and sanctuaries, or saving old growth forests,  we aim at leaving an enduring legacy for future generations.


Explore the wildlife we protect! Traveling with one of the listed tour operators on this website is your opportunity to combine a vacation, an education and a contribution. We have listed only tour operators that are committed to make your travel a journey of discovery and wonderment as we provide you with an intimate view of African wildlife, traditional cultures and the projects your support allows us to undertake.

Community Tours
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the African continent and their contribution to protection of Africa’s natural resources. We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. Therefore we encourage community based tours so that the local communities gain something out of tourism. We pay our respects to their Elders past as well as protection of present so that we can protect the resources for the future generations. Don’t do