Rafting Through the Rapids of River Nile in Uganda

Awesome rafting skills are only got in Uganda a place where the Nile begins. You don’t need experience to be part of the rafting activity neither the Bungee jump though you need time. White water Rafting starts every morning in Jinja at 9.30 am local time to afternoon around 3.00pm that is for full day trips. However, Half day Rafting starts 9.30am to 12.00am.In order to catch up with the start time you need to spend a night before the exploration in Jinja or Kampala. By chance you can get a free ride from Kampala to the starting point that is if you wake up early and wait for the bus in a particular stop point in Kampala.

Jinja Rafting Adventure

Why not do both Rafting & Bungee jump on the same day and explore the Nile in depth! Grap a thrilling experience in Just a day’s tour in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. You can also spend one night free close to the Bujagali falls if you raft more than once. Rafting costs $60-$125 depending on the Rafting company but what matters is the reward. Leave all your Valuables at home including, cameras since you might lose them while marveling with the rapids, put on light clothes (T-shirts, sleeveless, shorts, sandals) since it may get hot during the day. Pack a towel and warm clothes which you will change too after the voyage.

Make your rafting tour more cheap by using the free transport from Kampala to Jinja all you need to do is to be at one of the shuttle stop points in Kampala in time Nandos restaurant on Jinja road and redchil hideaway in Bugolobi, Natete back packer by 8.00am .Sometimes you can miss so I advise you to be latest 1hr earlier than the shuttle at any stop point. Use any convenient means of payment to book your rafting and Bungee safari in time. Never mind where you going to get the photos and video of the adventure since you left cameras Behind, just enjoy your trip as a boss and ask for photo shoots from the rafting Management company at accost of $10-$50.Get a chance to visit the Sezibwa falls, Mabira forest Source of the Nile, Bujagali falls, Itanda falls, Owen falls Dam, Tea plantation on your full day Rafting & bungee Jumping tour tin Jinja a second capital of Uganda.

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