We realize that many adventurers have never been to Africa and that its diversity and culture may be completely unknown. African Conservation Fund strives to provide you, the traveler, with valuable information and resources to make your trip a smooth and pleasant one .

We have teamed up with several tour operators, to bring you up to date information and comprehensive travel options for your trip to Africa that also benefit the endangered wildlife and culture in the area. Our mission is to preserve African wildlife and traditional cultures.

Traveling with the African Conservancy is your opportunity to combine a vacation, an education and a contribution. They are committed to making your trip a journey of discovery and wonderment through intimate views of African wildlife and traditional cultures.

We specialize in “immersion” tours that are planned to maximize your experience. They allow you to explore Africa from the air, by 4×4, canoe, motor boat and on foot; all the time learning about African wildlife, ecology, geology and geography.

As you get ready to embark on a trip to Africa, or simply want to contribute to the amazing culture, we encourage you to get as much information as possible so that you know what to expect. Feel free to contact any of our professionals or affiliates for more information and resources. The have the knowledge and resources to make your trip an unforgettable one.

Why Our Tours

In order to help conserve this unbelievable places on Earth, we have joined hands with various tour operators whose Mission is to preserve the wildlife of East Africa. Therefore we organize trips to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania for two reasons:

  • First, we love to share this fantastic experience with friends
  •  Second, to support our tourism, a tool that has proved to protect the environment.

You can book the following tours that are offered by a few responsible tour operators listed below;

In order to make your Safari a successful experience our goal is to:

  1.  Show you the amazing wildlife and landscape of the Great Rift Valley—East Africa.
  2. Go on a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda and support the conservation of the mountain gorillas in their natural home.
  3.  Keep you safe.  There will be somebody with you from the second you step off the plane until you clear the check-in at the airport to go back to Europe.
  4.  Pick the right time of the year to see the maximum number of animals. We go when there are green vistas after the rains (as opposed to tons of brown dust during the dry season). Our timeline allows for optimum conditions for photography!!
  5.  To provide you with a great guide:  This is very important!!!  Actually, it is the Key to a successful trip.
  6.  Stay in comfortable lodges that are clean, safe, and have good food.  Lets face it; you don’t go to Africa for the cuisine, but most of our guests are pleasantly surprised how good the food really is!  We will also stay at a few different lodges so that you’ll get a variety of experiences.  All of our choices are all of good quality, and we can accommodate your wishes according to your tastes and/or budget.
  7. We will not overwhelm you with excessive travel transfers by car. This is the major negative scheduling aspect of most travel agency trips, and why we use internal flights.