Aerial Snapshots of a Tropical Island – Redang


Some of the most stunning island views and spectacular sunsets can be seen from Redang Island, on the East Coast of Malaysia. The unrivalled beauty of this place invites visitors to discover the finest white sandy beaches and the most crystal clear waters in the South China Sea, filled with beautiful coral reefs and with a wide variety of colourful tropical fish, putting Redang on top of the Best Diving spots in Southeast Asia.

Redang has preserved its image as a tropical paradise destination, being preferred by Dive enthusiasts for its deep water visibility, Honeymooners for its natural scenic beauty or Families seeking to relax and enjoy some beach activities. With an upmarket feel to it, packed with beautiful Resorts and Spas scattered around the main beach – Pasir Panjang, on the east side of the island, the location provides ample facilities and activities to keep families travelling with kids entertained throughout the stay.

Redang is such a Gem it will leave even the most experienced of travellers speechless in front of its natural beauty.

The dry season in Redang starts in November and ends in February, hence visitors should be checking the weather conditions in advance to ensure availability for ferry schedule before planning a trip here.

Getting to Redang is relatively easy via air. Flying from Kuala Lumpur Airport it takes an hour to reach Kuala Terengganu. From here you can continue your journey to the island by boat. Malaysian Airlines, AirAsia and Malindo offer the best deals throughout the year and especially for advance bookings. There’s also a driving option for those who seek the comfort of their own car and have time to spend on the road.

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