Is Gorilla Trekking Saving Gorillas?

Africa is known to be one of the best wild safari places on the earth. Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo has positioned the three countries as the heart of Africa. Trekking is the process of finding gorillas in their natural habitats. Mountain gorillas are one of the world’s endangered ape in the whole world that attract tourists and it’s estimated that there are over 1000 gorillas in the whole world.  Historically, it’s very interesting that the three countries share virunga Volcano Mountain where in Uganda its Mount Muhavura, in Rwanda its Mount Gahinga and in Congo its Mount Sabyinyo where mountain gorillas are found.

These great apes are known as cousins of human beings due to their characters and their way of living. The gorilla mothers give birth and feed their young ones through breast feeding, they are furious once tempted to attack them and also feeds on vegetables.

Yes gorilla trekking is saving Uganda, Rwanda and Congo due to the following reasons

Increasing Population of Mountain Gorillas

Having been blessed with gorillas in the three countries positioned Uganda, Rwanda and Congo as the most tourist places in the whole world. Due to the fact that there is high population of gorillas, visitors are assured to pay for gorilla permits through Uganda Wildlife Authority or through any trusted operators who book for them in time that is 6 months before their journey and make the tour the memorable one. In Uganda we access them in 4 sectors of Bwindi that is Ruhija sector, Nkuringo sector, Rushanga sector, and Buhoma sector and mgahinga national park.

More Gorilla families

In Uganda, there are 480 gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga national park and the rest are in Rwanda and Congo. Visitors are limited to 8 people each gorilla family making 104 permits each day. These gorillas are habituated in each country that is 17 gorilla families in Uganda, 10 gorilla families in Rwanda and 8gorilla families in Congo.  Some of gorilla families include Susa, Karisimbi, Kwitoda, Busigye, Hirwa and many others

Accessibility of gorilla permits

This is one of the necessities needed for gorilla trekking in all the three countries. Uganda gorilla trekking costs 600 U S dollars, Rwanda each permit costs 1500 US dollars and Congo permits cost   450us dollars. Due to limited number of gorilla trekkers, permits are on a high demand and so visitors are advised to book 6 months before their travel.

Easy communication

Due to the fact that most travelers use English, park rangers, drive guides, hotel manager do speak fluent English and this has eased the communication between them and clients hence making the tour the memorable ever.

When to go?

Despite the fact that most tourists go on a gorilla safari throughout the year, generally you can see the gorillas any time of the year. In Uganda the best time to trek is dry season that is June, July, August and December, January and February.

The most favorable season to trek gorillas is dry season to have memorable tour experience in bwindi Impenetrable national park, mgahinga national park, volcano national park and virunga national park.

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