AHIF 2018 to look at the role of tourism in conservation

The programme for this year’s Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) in Nairobi will feature an in-depth look at the status of wildlife in Africa and what is needed to protect the continent’s biodiversity.

Leading paneilsts will discuss what the current contribution of tourism is to protected area management budgets and what the ideal role is that tourism could play in conservation and how this ideal could be achieved.

Industry leaders participating in this discussion include: Oliver Pool, Executive Director, The Giants Club; Giles Davies, founder of Conservation Capital; Patrick Fitzgibbon, Senior Vice President Development, EMEA Hilton; Dickson Kaelo, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association; Tom Lalampaa, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Rangelands Trust; and Kaddu Sebunya, President African Wildlife Foundation.

The presence of so many of Africa’s conservation agencies sends a signal that tourism and development organizations must consider conservation as an important factor.

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